Reusable Bags Great for Christmas Shopping

Although most grocery stores have become accustomed to customers bringing in their own bags, retail stores have not.  I do most of my shopping online as I find that to be more pleasurable than going out shopping, but a few things had to be purchased from the mall and elsewhere.  When I mentioned to the cashiers that I had brought my own bags, they were often surprised and had to be reminded again as they tried to put my purchases in a regular bag.  The great thing about using reusable bags at Christmas is that you can come home with all your bags and your family has no idea which stores you have been to.

The bag in the picture is one that folds up real small in my purse.  I use it only for “pretty” things such as new clothes.  After the surprise of me having my own bag, the clerks are always complementary of how beautiful the bag is.  Thanks Mom!

One thought on “Reusable Bags Great for Christmas Shopping

  1. These bags are becoming quite popular in the UK, with most shops encouraging you to buy a reusable bag. I try to remember every time i go to the supermarket but sometimes i forget and end up having to get plastic ones.. It's a great idea!


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