Making Christmas Ornaments

All of my shopping is done except going out tomorrow to buy food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I am on a one month break from work.  Homeschool group doesn’t meet for two weeks.  Today begins the first of my relaxing days.  I feel the spirit of Christmas filling me as I begin to appreciate these quiet moments. 

Every year since the kids were little I have given them a Christmas ornament that represents something they were interested in during that year.  This year life got crazy and I didn’t have anything the day we put up our Christmas tree which traditionally is when I give them to the kids.  Over the weekend I shared with Steve my ideas for their ornaments this year and how I planned to make them.  He suggested I go out and look around for something or see if I could have something delivered in time rather than burden myself with making them. 

This project isn’t a burden.  All week I have been looking forward to this morning when I would have several hours before the kids woke up to roll clay around in my hands.  I have looked forward to creating something special for them that I know they will treasure for many years. 

This morning I spent about two hours creating the ornaments.  For Sophia I made a guitar out of Sculpey clay.  This year she bought a Taylor guitar and has been taking lessons with Steve.  He is really impressed with her abilities.  He has taught guitar to many kids her age and said she is the first one that really just seemed to have a natural ability for it.  I guess she takes after her daddy.   For Alexander I created an Animal Farm ornament.  This year has been amazing for him.  He constantly has a book with him and loves to share the details of the books he reads. This year I have seen a change in how he thinks.  He has become more opinionated and questioning.  It is fun seeing his mind evolve as he seeks to find answers.  I love his enthusiasm.  In fact, I started rereading 1984 (I haven’t read it since college) based on his morning descriptions of the book.  I think they are going to love their ornaments.  (Sorry, no pictures because they are sitting in the oven right now since Alexander woke up just as they finished up.)

The ornaments were a way to relax this morning.  To not be in a hurry.  To quiet my mind.  Also, they were a great way to work my fingers.  I have continued to do my hand exercises since completing physical therapy but have not yet been able to make a complete fist.  I am getting closer and my physical therapist recommended doing crafts like this to work the fingers, so hopefully it helps.   

As many of you finish up your shopping this week and begin Christmas preparations, I wish you good health, happy joints, and wonderful memories.  

3 thoughts on “Making Christmas Ornaments

  1. What lovely gifts to give Alexander and Sophia, Cathy! You're so thoughtful. And I'm glad WITH you that you're able to use your hands and fingers to make the ornaments yourself, even if you can't move them the way you want to, yet. You're getting there, and doing it with smiles and determination. Bravo!


  2. Thanks Wren. I come from a family of homemade gift givers so it feels wrong when I don't have something I have made myself to give the kids.

    You are right, my fingers will get to where they need to be. I am glad I can have fun along the way.

    Happy Holidays and good health.



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