Frequent Lab Work

One thing I definitely didn’t miss while being medication free for RA was the frequent trips to have blood drawn.  I have put it off long enough that I was only given a partial refill on my methotrexate.  So, this morning I am forcing myself to do it.  Here I go.  Well, maybe one more cup of tea first.

3 thoughts on “Frequent Lab Work

  1. I dread it, too, sometimes. Last week I went on Wednesday and two different nurses tried three different times to get blood. NOTHING would come out, and they tried to say I was dehydrated or that their tubes were faulty (bad vacuum seal).

    I went back on Friday and a different woman drew my blood without any trouble at all. I don't know, of course, but she said that the first two stuck me in the wrong place. All I know is that four times was at least three times too many for me.

    Hope it all went well for you today.


  2. I feel your pain Cathy. That was the good thing about doing Orencia IV infusions, they drew the blood out through the iv. I don't ever put my blood work off, just hate it.


  3. Oh no Annie! That is awful. I have never had problems with them drawing blood as I have huge veins and actually don't mind the process of having the blood drawn. It is the process of driving to the lab, finding a spot in the parking garage, and waiting for the ten people ahead of me. I hope you don't have to go often.

    Yeah, I need to be better about making sure I get in for blood work on time. My excuse this time is my rheumatologist is on maternity leave and they didn't have the fill in doctor's schedule when I was in last. I generally schedule my blood work a week before my appointment but when I remembered to call back, I couldn't get in until January. Well, that's my excuse anyhow.


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