Grandma’s Ring

My grandma on my dad’s side has always held a very special place in my heart.  I remember her and my grandpa turning off the tv when we arrived so they could spend time with us.  My grandma always took us girls to her backroom so we could see the projects she was working on.  Every year she made all the gifts for the six of us kids and later for our spouses and kids.  She always made me feel special.

Before my grandma died she gave me a ring that was given to her on her very first Mother’s Day by my grandpa.  I love this ring.  Some days when I am putting my jewelry on for work or going out, this ring calls to me and I wear it.   I don’t know if the ring gives me strength, a feeling of specialness that I always got from grandma or a need to feel connected to her.  Whatever the reason, I always wear it when it calls to me.  Today was one of those days. 

My mom is having a heart cath today.  She is in right now.  She went in knowing that there is a chance that she will also need open heart surgery.  Like my grandma, my mom is very special to me.  She is a role model for me.  She is strong woman.  She inspires me to keep going and achieve all that I can.  She loves me lots. Any healing thoughts you have for her today would be greatly appreciated.    

4 thoughts on “Grandma’s Ring

  1. I hope all goes well for your mom today, Cathy, and that she won't have to go through surgery. I've also got my fingers crossed that she comes home quickly and makes a quick recovery.

    Your grandma's ring is beautiful. :o)


  2. Your mom is definitely in my prayers today, Cathy. Was thinking about you this morning and thought I would check on you.

    I have a ring that I wear everyday that was once my grandma's. It was given to me after she passed on. Isn't it neat to have little special reminders of them. : )

    Hope you have a beautiful day.


  3. Thanks so much for the good wishes for my mom. She was able to get by with a stent only!!!! Now we wait to hear on news of my dad. These parents of mine need to get better. I don't like worrying about them.


  4. I'm so glad things went well for your Mom! I had a heart cath a couple of years ago but not with the worry of more surgery after — I'm happy to hear she doesn't have that on her plate as well.

    And, what a beautiful ring! I love antique jewellery.


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