Thankful that My Daughter Notices My RA Progress

Last night I was upstairs in my bedroom and remembered something I left in the laundry room.  Down the stairs I went.  I retrieved what I forgot and ran back up the stairs to my bedroom.  Sophia was upstairs and said, “You were really fast on the stairs.  I thought it was Alexander because you ran as fast up the stairs as we do.  Are your knees better?……  That makes me happy. ”  Oh, yeah!  That is what I like to hear.  Comments like that from my 12 year old daughter are like music to my ears. 

I am doing better.  I have so much energy.  Some mornings I have flares, but they aren’t the scary ones.  When they come I know they are here just as a reminder that rheumatoid arthritis is still a part of me and they will be on their way again soon. 

Two weeks ago when the flare was in my left knee (it really likes that left knee), I was limping.  Sophia, who has seen me go through flares so many times right away tried to give me the pep talk, “Don’t worry.  You are doing better than before.  Remember you have a lot of good days.”  I stopped her with a smile and said, “It’s okay.  I realize these little flares will probably be with me off and on my whole life.  I can handle these because most days now, I feel energetic and I am able to do just about anything I want.”  It is true.  My whole outlook seems to be different because overall I just feel different.   I feel light and happy and for the most part, pain free! 


6 thoughts on “Thankful that My Daughter Notices My RA Progress

  1. Your kids are truly special and I can only imagine the comfort they bring you. I can only to have a relationship like that with my child one day. I'm soooo thrilled to hear you're doing so well and taking those smaller flares in stride. I'm always so impressed by your outlook, Cathy. You are amazing.


  2. Oh Maya, I sincerely hope that oneday you too do experience this relationship with a child. It is so awesome. I am going to send some of my good health to you today so please be prepared!


  3. This is such great news, Cathy! I can't tell you how glad I am that this combo of eating well and medications are working so well for you. And the fact that Sophia and Xander notice the change in you and are ready to encourage and comfort you when you do hurt is truly heartwarming.

    My wish is that your improved health will remain for a good long time.


  4. This is great news Cathy. It is good when we feel that we are doing better, but it's even better when someone else notices it and points it out to you.

    Hope you have a pain free and Happy Thanksgiving.


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