Anti-inflammatory Potential of Human Breast Milk.

As a momma that nursed both of her babies due to the miraculous stuff it provides, I found this article about human milk and inflammation quite interesting.

I especially loved this, Buescher calls mother’s milk “a mix of medicines.” Our bodies truly our amazing.

3 thoughts on “Anti-inflammatory Potential of Human Breast Milk.

  1. Fascinating. I breast-fed my daughter, too, Cathy. :o)

    The article's assertion that breast milk somehow “prevents calcium, which ignites the inflammatory response, from entering white blood cells …” caught my attention. Like most of us who have RA, I take a daily calcium supplement. Is the calcium making my inflammation worse? Hmmm. Another good question for the doc.

    Thanks for sharing that article. Have a lovely, peaceful, pain-free Sunday!


  2. Wren, nursing is an awesome experience, isn't it?

    I'm checking with a source on calcium/magnesium connection.

    Enjoy you thanksgiving Wren. May it be pain free and full of laughter.



  3. Breast milk is amazing! Breastmilk also has a lot of properties to help with anti histamine levels and allergies. I had a lactation specialist tell me how lucky it is that I chose to breastfeed my daughter since she has allergies and if she wasn't breastfeeding, her alleriges would probably be even worse.


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