Neighborhood Role Model

I have a role model in our neighborhood.  It is a golden retriever.  On hot days, he lies on the driveway and watches as we pass.  On colder mornings like today he is out sniffing around in the yard.  This golden retriever is never on a leash and often the owners are not even outside.  Nobody minds.  As each dog passes this house, a calm comes over them.  I can even see the calm come to my highly reactive border colllie Izzy as we pass. 

This dog possesses a rare and unique trait of bringing calm to other dogs.  I admire this trait not only in this dog, but also the few people I have encountered during my lifetime who bring this same calmness to me.  It is a trait that attracts me and one I want to possess.

5 thoughts on “Neighborhood Role Model

  1. What a wonderful dog (and of course, there's the fact that he's a golden!). Our old dog used to sit outside under a tree for hours, just watching the world go by.

    I have a friend who instantly calms me, even just the sound of her voice. That is a good trait to aspire to.


  2. Our neighbor has a Golden Retriever. Even though they are strong, they are laid back and gentle. And it looks like they are smiling all of the time.

    Cool dog … good role model.


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