Strength and Flexibility

Highlight of my day:  Sophia and I went to a yoga class together this morning.  On the way home she said, “Why were you able to do more of the moves than me?  A few months ago you couldn’t even sit on the floor?”  It is true.  My workouts (cardio, weights, yoga) have continued almost as if I haven’t taken almost two years off.  Granted, I worked out whenever my body allowed, but for the most part, actual workouts just didn’t happen.  Yet, my strength and flexibility have returned strong.

I felt proud today that Sophia noticed my strength and flexibility.  I knew she was proud of me too.  The last several years I have felt weak physically.  That isn’t how I want my almost teenage daughter to see me.  Today she saw me as I want her to see me; as a strong woman who is always challenging herself to improve!

3 thoughts on “Strength and Flexibility

  1. I am so happy to hear that you are able to pick up where you left off in a sense. Amazing what it does for the spirit–particularly when our precious young ones are taking it all in. It must bring your children so much joy to see you able to do what they know you are capable of in your heart.-Kelli


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