Life is Good

This morning I spent some time rereading previous posts I have made on this blog.  As I read through many of them, I could feel the pain I felt at the time.  It brought tears to my eyes. As I read others, I felt the hope and relief that has come to me in the last several months.  Life is definitely getting easier. 

Two weeks ago I started a workout program with Steve that is pretty intense.  Although I am making a few changes here and there,  I am doing a pretty good job of keeping up.  In two weeks I can already feel a difference in my body.  It is stronger.  Weak joints are gaining strength.  It feels great to be working out with Steve and to be accomplishing so much physically.

I have finished two weeks of physical therapy.  I still have two weeks scheduled. It has helped the pain in my shoulder a lot.  I can’t make a fist yet, but I am getting closer to that goal.  At first I didn’t want to work these joints because it was uncomfortable, but now I find myself doing my exercises any time I sit idle.

My rheumatologist recommended focusing on “fatter” parts of my legs when giving my shots to avoid the rash I get after injection.  This hasn’t eliminated the problem, but the rash is smaller and lasts for a shorter period.  One day I will try it in my stomach. She feels I will have good luck there.  I am so thankful that Enbrel is responding so well to my body.

Lots of good things are happening in my life.  I have recently given up some responsibilities that no longer nourish me.   One of these responsibilities was to my husband and was initially hard for me, but already I see how the change was good for both of us.  The other was giving up responsibilities for one of our homeschooling groups.  I thought this would be more difficult than it was.  This group has been “my baby” for several years.  I am super happy about the two moms that volunteered to take over responsibilities and feel excited that I can now put my energies into other activities for my kids while still enjoying the friendships we have made with this group. 

My new Monday/Wednesday ESL teaching gig involves team teaching with two other gals.  I haven’t team taught since I taught elementary school.  I really enjoy it.  I came in during the middle of the semester and both gals have been more than welcoming to me.  I believe that my teaching abilities will be brought to a new level due to their influences.

My life just gets better and better and also busier and busier.  I am not one that enjoys a busy life.  However, I feel that with all the new things, I am giving up some old and the new things are going to bring joy to all four of us in the long run.  I am glad my body is able to handle all that it is being asked to do.  I am glad to be doing things again.  Life is good for Cateepoo!


8 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. Anonymous, I did talk to my rheumatologist about the non pre-mix at the suggestion of a few blogger friends (possibly you!). She wants me to try fatter parts of my body first.

    Squirrel and Terry, Thanks so much for your good wishes. I hope the same for both of you.


  2. Glad to hear that things are getting better. When I go back to my own old posts, I see how much I have changed since my diagnoses – in some ways for the better and in some ways not better. I am glad you hear that you working out and you are doing this with your husband so I am sure that this is bringing the two of us even closer but I am sure you have always been close. The old is always good but new is so much better. Glad to hear that life is good. Take care of yourself, be good to yourself and love yourself and that is all you need to be happy.


  3. Carla

    You are doing so great! I, too, had miserable injection site rashes when I first started Enbrel. My rheumy had me switch from my thighs to my stomach for the injections, and also to take a Benedryl of similar antihistamine about an hour before the shot. Those things helped, and I was able to stop the antihistamine after a couple of weeks and after a few more weeks have had no issues since. Good luck!


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