Naturally Happy Being Me!

Recently, I have been having some fun creating a new blog.  The new blog, Naturally Happy Being Me, focuses on one or two simple things each day that made me happy. 

Several years ago I saw an alternative practitioner.  She said she went to a seminar and they asked each participant to keep track of each time they had a negative thought.  She was surprised at how often she had negative thoughts.  I think it is true for all of us.  I catch myself often thinking negative things about situations I am, people or even myself. 

I believe I have always been a positive thinker overall, but I have found that one of my best defenses against rheumatoid arthritis pain is thinking positive things.  When I think positive it instantly brings an overall better feel to me.  So, this new blog has been kind of fun.  I have enjoyed finding one or two simple things to share that make me happy each day. I hope you enjoy it too!

To all my friends in pain today, I am also sending out extra healing thoughts.  I know the healing thoughts you send to me bring great rewards. 

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