True To My Nature

My kids have never been interested in competitive sports, however, they have always enjoyed being active.  As soon as the kids were off training wheels we were out bike riding.  Sophia will often take rides alone as well as continues to ride with us as a family and Alexander has become Steve’s primary biking buddy.  They both seem to enjoy long walks in nature.  When they were little we went to the playground and played “follow the leader”.  One of us was the leader and we did as many different things on the equipment as we could – jumps, leaps, hangs, etc.

In the last two years, Alexander has shown that he really likes to work his body hard.  When we take walks, he is always jumping over benches and large rocks.  He loves a good game of tag where there are at least one or two other players who make him run his fastest.  (Mack, a homeschooling dad in our group makes him run really hard and Alexander loves when he plays.)  At fourteen though, he is finding it harder and harder to engage his friends and sister in a game of tag.  He tried doing some free weights, but it wasn’t his thing – too boring.  He loves running and will often go for a three mile run.  He doesn’t keep a schedule of running though, he just seems to go when his body tells him he needs to. We have been discussing options for him so he feels challenged, yet honors the type of person he is. 

This morning as I was reading articles on diet and watching videos, I discovered MovNat: Explore Your True Nature.      On Erwan Le Corre’s site he shows how he works out using nature as his equipment.  It is truly motivating (and sexy).   It reminds me of when we played “follow the leader” and worked our bodies in a variety of ways.

Check out this video of one of his workouts:

This summer we went to Starved Rock when my sister was visiting.  The kids wanted to climb and jump on everything.  Of course, it scared the pants off me, but I admired that they were using their own personal strength and determination while also taking risks.  I can’t imagine that we would ever take this workout as far as Erwan Le Corre, but I do like the idea of incorporating more natural types of exercise into our daily routine.  This workout tells me again how important it is to listen to more of what our children are saying and feeling.  I know I often act out of fear when it comes to my kids and prevent them from trying out things that “might” harm them rather than listening to what feels right to them.  I think it is right to explore our bodies to their limits and kids are constantly trying to do that…..we just get in their way.  This video was a good reminder to stay out of their way and let them work their bodies.

*I completed an entire yoga routine today.  I am back on my supplements and the pain that was trying to make its way back into my life has disappeared again. 

One thought on “True To My Nature

  1. Congratulations on the yoga routine! My classes haven't started yet, but I am excited about them.

    I think I'm a lot like your kids. I find gyms and structured workouts too boring, and I'd much rather be outside in nature. Walking, riding and rollerblading give me the chance to take in the beautiful things around me and make my workouts mentally as well as physically stimulating.


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