Sorry, But I’m a Bragger Now!

Okay, I have more bragging to do today. I hope this doesn’t get irritating, but as my strength gets stronger I am amazed at my own body.

Yesterday both kids were invited to a party which gave Steve and me some time for a bike ride alone. As we started off on the ride, I could tell my body was stronger than it was just a few weeks earlier on our ride. Everything felt easier. Yay for me!

As much as I love riding with our complete family, I also love having the chance to ride alone with Steve. It gives us a chance to really talk. As we finished our ride today I not only felt extremely proud of my own physical strength, but also felt reconnected with my husband.

6 thoughts on “Sorry, But I’m a Bragger Now!

  1. This is the kind of “bragging” we'd all like to do, Cathy. You just go right ahead and celebrate the positive changes going on in your body and your life. I, for one, am delighted for you. I'm cheering you on!


  2. Terry, it feels GREAT to be moving with little to no pain. I can't even put into words on this blog the awesome feeling I get as I continue to do more and more. Thanks for being happy for me. That only adds to my success, knowing I have people happy for me.

    Wren, be prepared because I have a feeling there will be lots more bragging. Thanks for cheering me on and always being the encouraging person you are. I hope you are feeling better today. I am sending you healing thoughts.



  3. I'm so glad you guys had some quality time together. As much as I love my kids it's nice to have some time alone with Earl every once in awhile.

    Glad your feeling better!


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