I’m a User

I am now officially a user of Enbrel. The first shot went smoothly and the home nurse sent out by Enbrel said I did “excellent”.

I signed up for Enbrel support and received my needle box yesterday. Unfortunately I signed up after paying my $50 copay. But hey, insurance saved me $1910 for a 30 supply so $50 seems like pocket change, right? As part of the Enbrel support the next six months will be copay free and then just a $10 copay afterwards. Enbrel has called several times to make sure everything is okay and let me know about their free services. At first this was nice but is now starting to feel a little freaky. Last night Walgreens Speciality Pharmacy called to see if they could be my “middleman”. As my “middleman” they would call and remind me when it is time for refills and then set them up for me. I told them I can handle that part on my own. Poor Methotrexate never got this kind of royal treatment. Hopefully this drug lives up to all the attention it is getting.

13 thoughts on “I’m a User

  1. It was scarey for me to start Enbrel, but only took a couple weeks until I was really happy that I'd done it. It helps so much.

    I hope it's your miracle cure, Cathy. Good luck!


  2. I have been thinking about you, Cathy. I hope that your next path to wellness goes well! I don't' blame you for trying other avenues. I know what chronic pain is like and it is very, very draining (emotionally and physically). I am trying to figure out what path to take for myself as well, hoping to be able to fully function again. My best to you…Heather


  3. Heather,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have missed you and been thinking of you too. I was hoping that your pain had decreased. I am sorry it hasn't.

    Pain can definitely affect you both mentally and physically and it was time to move on and experience life without. Thanks for your support. This choice did not come easily.

    Sending you big hugs and strength as you make your way through your own path.



  4. I started out on Enbrel and it worked great for 6 years. It seems like, after starting the injections, it took about 4 months before I was feeling really good with it. Good luck.

    btw, are you still taking MTX with the Enbrel?


  5. Six years is a long time Terry. Hopefully I can have that same success. Yes, I am taking Methotrexate with the Enbrel. (I have the hair shedding to prove it.)


  6. I hope the Enbrel works wonders for you, Cathy, and that you start to feel its effects soon.

    (And, I feel your pain on the MTX hair loss. Mine seems worse than ever lately – it's coming out in clumps! Yuck.)


  7. Oh no Helen, not clumps! That is awful. I need to get with my naturopath because when I was on it years ago she had a supplement for me to take that really did help. Also, a few other bloggers have posted ideas on other posts of mine for supplements that may help. It is scary….our hair is so important. Thanks for the good wishes with Enbrel.


  8. Cathy, I am new to your blog, but have to tell you this…we started Enbrel the exact same day! How weird is that? I have had RA 8 years and in the last couple of days have found some great blogs thanks to Lana on the arthritisconnect site. Happy New Year!


  9. Mariellen,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment and reading here. That is so weird that we started Enbrel on the same day. I would love to hear more of your journey. It sounds like we have been diagnosed for almost the same amount of time.
    Happy New Year. Cathy


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