Today is the Day

My sister Stacey has been visiting since Wednesday. We have had an awesome time so far. My energy level has been amazing and my pain level low. (I am at ten weeks on Methotrexate.) This makes me extremely happy. I have enjoyed making meals together, talking, sight seeing, morning walks, and just hanging out. Her visit has been good for me.

On Sunday I received a call that my Enbrel prescription was approved and ready to be picked up. Yikes! My rheumatologist said it would be two to three weeks, not days to have it approved. As my sister and I headed over to pick it up I felt this sense of anxiety. I told her, “It isn’t the anxiety you are thinking it is.” She has patiently listened and lent support to me over the years as I have shared my concerns about the side effects of RA medications. On Sunday my anxiety wasn’t coming from the side effects. I am finally at peace with those possibilities. While driving, I felt this sense of anxiety that this drug might actually really work and if it does, that could change my life. The longer I am on methotrexate the better I have been feeling and the more I have accomplished. I love this feeling. So, what if adding Enbrel boosts me up to the next level where I can sit on the floor again, go bike riding with my family regularly, stir our dinner without pain in my wrist and shoulder, workout or even make a complete fist again. The thought of these possibilities overwhelmed me and I felt myself tearing up. I don’t want to place too much hope that I will be amazingly better, but others have felt this way after starting Enbrel so it is possible.

This afternoon a nurse sent by Enbrel will be coming out to the house to show me how to do the injections. I actually feel excited. I am glad that my sister will be here to ask the questions I might forget and to lend support as needed. I have gone back and read posts from other bloggers about icing the injection area before giving the shot. I am so grateful for that information. Wish me luck today that all goes well! I feel optimistic that it will but knowing I have lots of positive thoughts backing me up gives me that much more strength.

4 thoughts on “Today is the Day

  1. Yay Cathy! I will be thinking about you today. I hope it DOES boost you up to that next level – you deserve it tremendously. I started out when I was 15 on Enbrel injections and, if I can give you on piece of advice, get the form of Enbrel that you mix yourself. They don't burn at all, while the pre-mixed syringes have a preserving agent and they burn a bit. Also, I'm sure the nurse will show you various options for injection sites, but I found the easiest and most comfortable was my upper thigh when I did it myself. Good luck and please keep us posted 🙂


  2. Oh,here's wishing you the VERY best of luck today and every day hereafter with MTX and Enbrel. I hope it does exactly what you're hoping for, Cathy.

    I'm probably reading this too late for my luck wishes to have any effect on the actual injection, but I have a feeling that as prepared as you were for it, it went very easily. Am I right?

    Thinking of you and wishing you a joyful, pain-free weekend.


  3. Carla

    Cathy: Here's wishing you all the best. Been on Enbrel (after Humira and Simponi) since December. I use the autoinject pens rather than the syringes (I just prefer them), so you might remember that you have options there as well. Please keep us posted as we're all pulling for you.


  4. Maya, I think I felt your good vibes yesterday and it helped. Thanks for thinking about me throughout the day. The injections stung but was definitely tolerable. Thanks for letting me know I can mix it myself though. I will have to check into that.

    Wren, I always appreciate having your support being me. Your words always bring comfort to me.

    Carla, I appreciated your comment a few days back and today. Knowing I have others pulling for me is really needed. Also, I was so glad you shared your success with Enbrel. I was actually thinking about your success as I did the shot. I wanted to bring all the good energy I could into that first injection. Thanks so much.


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