Visit with My Primary Care Physician

Yesterday I saw my family physician. I really like him. He is about my age, maybe even a tad bit younger. He smiles a lot and talks about himself enough that I get a sense of who he is outside of the office but not so much that I feel like I should be charging him for the visit. (I did once have a chiropractor that talked nonstop about herself. ) He isn’t one bit into the alternative world that I would like to totally immerse myself in, but he seems to get a kick out of me because of my alternative beliefs.

We started off the appointment with him reading through the notes from my rheumatologist. I wanted to cry as he read through everything but I didn’t. We talked about my concerns with methotrexate and the possibility of biologics which the rheumatologist listed as something to consider. He asked me what I thought about that idea. I love that he listens to my concerns and acknowledges that my concerns with these drugs are something that I should worry about. Next, I showed him the bumps on my ankles. He said they are fluid from my ankles and then asked if he could see the nodule on my elbow that the rheumatologist mentioned in her notes. He said he hasn’t actually seen one in person. Delightful! I’m his first look at a nodule.

He took another look at my complete blood count that I had a few months ago and said my results are “insanely perfect”! Yay! Eating well is paying off. Then he suggested doing a yearly flu shot. I said, “No thanks.” Then he suggested a pneumonia shot. I said, “No, but thanks for asking.” He laughed. Later he joked, “Let’s see what other shots I can give you.” Next on his agenda was to order a mammogram. I started to share my views on mammograms at 42 years old and then stopped thinking “I don’t want to go against everything he suggests.” He said, “No, go ahead.” I shared some of my views and he shared his and he left it at, “I would like you to have it but it is your choice and I won’t be mad if you decide to wait.” I like that. I like sharing our views with each other and then ultimately leaving the decision up to me. Oh, and by the way, when doing some additional research to support my views I found this site: Breast Cancer Action “a national education and activist organization that challenges assumptions and inspires change to end the breast cancer epidemic.”

Overall, it was a good appointment and I feel happy that I have a doctor that at least listens to my views and seems to respect me, even if he might think I am totally nuts.

One thought on “Visit with My Primary Care Physician

  1. What are your concerns about mammograms? Is it the radiation? I was due to have one last year and got so busy taking care of others that I forgot to schedule mine. Have a doctor appt. coming up and I know he will mention it again.


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