Exercise Slowly Returning

I seem to be having more good days than not lately so I have slowly been taking advantage of the good feeling and trying to get back into an exercise routine. I am walking an average of two miles a day with Izzy and riding a mile a day on my bike. Alexander is doing his first 5K in October so I am riding beside him as he runs. A mile isn’t that far, but as many of you know, bike riding takes a lot of joint work. Your fingers have to be flexible enough to brake and change gears, your shoulders have to be free of enough pain that you can balance yourself and of course your knees need to do lots of work. A mile seems sufficient right now. I am happy that this short workout involves spending time with Alexander. Also, I did an arm workout the other day. I used really light weights. And finally, Steve painted the majority of the house over the 4th of July weekend and along with helping with some of the painting, I did a lot of cleaning and lifting. By the end of Monday night I didn’t think I was going to move. I decided to take a contrast shower and it helped tremendously. It feels good to be moving my body a little more.

4 thoughts on “Exercise Slowly Returning

  1. Cathy, this is SUCH good news! I'm so pleased that your RA has eased enough that you're able to get a little exercise. I wish we could bike around here, but the mountain roads are too narrow for safety, and I'd just have to drive my bike down to the El Dorado Trail if I wanted a ride. Oh, and I don't have a bike anymore. Still, it sounds like fun. Maybe I should give it some more thought, then start checking out Freecycle for a bike …

    Here's hoping that your RA remains at a low rumble for a good, long time. You're often in my thoughts, and I'm always sending good vibes your way. Enjoy yourself as the summer moves along and keep us updated, OK? Your posts are always a pleasure, and an inspiration.



  2. Thanks so much Wren! Oh, and thanks for mentioning freecycle because I want to see if I can get a fondue pot. 🙂

    I hope you feel some relief soon and always appreciate and look forward to your good vibes.


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