Growing Up Is Fun To Do

I think I am one of the few moms that doesn’t miss my children being babies. Don’t get me wrong, I loved when they were babies. I loved nursing them, reading together, sleeping together, and playing together. Really, I loved everything about them as babies, toddlers, and children. I feel like Steve and I embraced each age to the fullest and rather than missing something we had, we enjoy who they are now. Plus, in reality, they are still the same basic somebodies they were then. When we look at video of them as toddlers, we still see the same person inside. Sometimes now, as I did when they were little, I find myself watching them in amazement wondering how the two of us produced something so absolutely perfect!

I love that their bodies are both changing in dramatic ways. I like having conversations with them and hearing their thoughts on topics. I love that they are making close friends while still needing lots of hugs during the day from me. I love that they have minds of their own and are following paths that suit them as individuals.

The other day Alexander was a little frustrated with me and snapped at me which he has never done. At first it hurt my feelings but then as I thought about it, I realized that he has a mind totally of his own now and sometimes we aren’t going to agree on things. That’s okay. He did later apologize (twice) which I told him wasn’t necessary but appreciated. We were able to talk about it together. I like that too. I like that they are growing up and feel lucky to be a part of the experience.

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