Reason To Celebrate

I just looked at the calendar hanging from our refrigerator (each Friday that I feel good I put a smiley face) and realized today marks one month of feeling good! One month, can you believe it? Also, I am 100% off of prednisone as of last Monday.

I am waking up in the morning with very little stiffness and no pain. By early evening I have some stiffness in my shoulders and some pain in both knees but it is nothing compared to where I have been. It is strange to have easy mornings.

Oh, also, the last few years I have not enjoyed the swimming pool because when I go from the heat of the day to the coolness of the pool, it causes my joints to tighten up and I leave the pool feeling terrible. This year, I haven’t noticed any changes. Maybe those contrast showers are paying off.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my good news. I feel so lucky today!

As always, I am sending each of my friends healing thoughts today and hoping that my good feelings are contagious.

10 thoughts on “Reason To Celebrate

  1. I'm absolutely DELIGHTED that you're feeling so well, Cathy! What very good news. My wish for you is that this wellness and freedom from pain lasts for a good long time. What joy!
    All my best,


  2. Hello! I'm glad you stopped by my blog, so I was able to discover yours. Having been managing my R.A. naturally for the past 5 years, I understand completely the triumphs you are feeling right now. What a feeling!!

    If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know, I am always here for advice and would love to help in any way I can, because I've been there. I look forward you reading more about your journey!

    Much love! ~jenni


  3. Great news Cathy. I miss our swimming pool that we had at our old house. We opted for a hot tub while building our new house. I don't regret it, but still miss our pool.

    Continue to feel good.


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