Having more time in flares than not the last few years, my body has lost a lot of its physical balance that came from youth, daily workouts and living life. This morning on my walk with Izzy I decided to test my current balancing abilities by using the curb as my balance beam. At first I felt a little embarrassed being a 42 year old woman walking the curb like a kid (only falling off), but then I became determined to master the balance beam. Soon, I saw myself as a little girl walking the curb seeing who could stay on the longest! What a great feeling!

One thought on “Balance

  1. I love that you challenged yourself to a balance game — it's one of those joyously fun things we all did as kids but lost as adults, since stuff like that was obviously too childish. I'd probably fall off the curb more than I'd stay on it, too, if we had any curbs around here to practice on. 😉

    Glad to hear you were feeling well enough to get out and walk Izzy today, Cathy, and that you had such fun doing it. Don't worry about how you look as you walk the curb — YOU know how well it can help your body relearn the balance and grace it lost after childhood. And that all bodes well.

    Hope the rest of the week is as good as today — or better. Thinking of you …


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