Sophia, My Free Spirit Girl

I often wonder how my children’s adult lives will be different due to unschooling rather than sending them to school or following a strict homeschool curriculum. They have both had the freedom to not only learn in a way that works for them as individuals, but they have also had plenty of free time to discover who they are and what they want from life.

Recently Sophia described how she wants to live her early adult life. She wants to live in a bicycle friendly city (she loves Madison, WI) where she can ride her bike to work and most other places she goes. She also wants a VW bug to drive when needed. She wants to live in an apartment. She wants to travel and maybe even live in another country.

Her visions excite me. She is not narrowing in on one profession as I think we are trained to do at an early age, but instead is creating a vision of the type of lifestyle she wants to live. In my opinion, this is far more important. She is figuring out who she is and how she wants to live a happy, fulfilled life. The profession will come and will be built around the lifestyle she wants.

I love her free spirit attitude. She has always been the person in our family to bring us back into the moment. For me, she brings out a desire to live my life as full as possible too. I am excited about both of our futures.

3 thoughts on “Sophia, My Free Spirit Girl

  1. What a great attitude. I remember feeling a little worried sometimes that all my friends seemed to have their careers planned out from such an early age – my parents always encouraged me to think about the kind of life I want and the kinds of things I want to do, rather than a specific job.

    And they were right – I'm figuring it out, and allowing myself to make decisions in my own time has made such a difference.


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