Like A Storm

One great thing about rheumatoid arthritis is just when you think you have hit your worst possible flare and wonder how you will ever survive it, RA, like a storm, moves on and gives you a break. It is during this time that everything about living life feels new and exciting!

7 thoughts on “Like A Storm

  1. Thank you for this! It's a very refreshing way to think of a flare. After a while, the pain can be scary and make you start to believe it will never pass. I'll keep this post in mind next time I'm going down that path of thinking


  2. That's so true, Cathy. It's like the sun comes out. My fingers are crossed that you'll have a good, long break from pain. Enjoy the freedom!


  3. Isn't that funny! I wonder if it's because the weather is so warm by us that we're both getting a little break RA wise…of course if I could get the jaw under control it would be all rainbows and unicorns.

    Do you think this might be the mtx working?


  4. Hi Maya, I will definitely be checking out your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by mine. I look forward to learning more about you.

    Wren, I long break would be so appreciated. If not, I will keep in mind these good days as a reminder that they do happen.

    Normal Girl, I don't think it is the Methotrexate working yet since I just took my second dose and it takes 8-10 weeks to become effective. I am trying some new alternative things that may be working or it could just be the weirdness of RA. Whatever it is, I am enjoying it! I hope your streak is long and enjoyable.


  5. Yes it is so true. My body was fab a couple of weeks ago, I did loads and so it took a big dive. now I am gradually getting it to work again! The joys of arthritis. You do learn to accept the ebs and flows. Happy day to you cathy.x


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