Everyone comes into our life for a reason, right? Well, one of Izzy’s reasons must be to make sure I get up and get moving in the mornings. It is so easy to sit at the computer with my hot cup of tea and not move, but it is almost as if she knows I need to be up and moving around to get my joints going. Every morning, when it is just her and I awake, she gets into everything. I am constantly up and down. I am going to choose to believe that is a good thing and she is trying to help my joints prepare for the day rather than drive me crazy!

5 thoughts on “Izzy

  1. Dogs are the best, aren't they? Yesterday afternoon, when I was wiped out, I woke up and found my three small dogs all asleep, pressed up against me. It's as if they knew that I was going through a hard time. Glad to hear that Izzy gets you up and moving around!


  2. Dogs, I'm convinced, are born empaths. Well, most of them, anyway. Izzy knows just what you need; she's aware of your pain and feels your frustration, and she knows when you're feeling a lot better, too. Smart girl. I'm so glad she's a joyful (if sometimes aggravating) part of your life. There's nothing like a Good Dog. ;o)


  3. We have 2 dogs that drive us crazy at times, but our life would be much more empty and boring without them. They are much smarter than most people give them credit for, Izzy is watching out for you.


  4. Hi there,

    My name is Maya and I heard about your blog from the wonderful and talented Jodi Mckee. I am just loving your blog and especially this post. I've thought the same thing about my dogs on rough mornings – aren't they just the greatest?

    I'm 24 now, but was diagnosed with Spondylitis at age 16. I have a blog called “Loving with Chronic Illness”: http://www.lovingwithchronicillness.blogspot.com
    and I'd love if you checked it out sometime. We seem to not only hurt in the same joints, but think similarly too. Keep up the awesome writing 🙂

    All my best,


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