Busy! Busy! Busy!

This year I was able to spend Mother’s Day with my own momma. The sad thing is all of us forgot it was even Mother’s Day until Sunday morning when we thought about going out to eat. We were so busy focusing on Sophia’s play. But, I enjoyed having my mom here celebrating in Sophia’s special days. That in itself is a huge gift.

On Tuesday night we had 11 teens over to celebrate Alexander’s 14th birthday. Let me just say that teens get a bad rap. These kids were so respectful and fun. They spent almost the entire time (4PM-1:30am and then again in the morning) sitting on our living room floor playing games. I am so thankful that my kids have these friends.

The rain did stop long enough we could go outside and make smores. Yummy!

Wednesday night Steve and I attended an ESL graduation for two of my favorite students/friends. Salvador and Kanya meet me every month for coffee. I just realized that we have been meeting for a year now. I have really enjoyed getting to know these two people outside of the classroom. They are both amazing.

On Thursday we completed this quad of classes with food and conversation. This class has been a lot of fun for two reasons. 1) I knew so many of these students from previous classes that our comfort level with each other was immediate. 2) This class was all women except for Juan. Our conversations definitely were different than with a mixed class. Summer classes start in a few weeks.

We have a busy weekend of A Little Princess shows. My niece is coming in tonight to see the show and sleeping over and then there are two shows tomorrow plus a cast party. Busy! Busy! Busy!

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