Exhausting, Yet Fulfilling Week

Our week has been full of dress rehearsals, volunteering, visiting family and five shows. I am exhausted, but so happy inside. My body came through for me and I was able to enjoy every moment of this week.

Alexander, who has been saving for an iPAD, realized he had enough money when Grandma Jo gave him cash for his birthday. (Thanks Grandma!) Below, Steve and Alexander getting ready to go into the Apple store to purchase his iPad.

Poor guy. We were so busy the last few days that he bought the iPAD and then didn’t have any time to play around with it. Alexander put in a lot of hours selling refreshments, serving lunches to the actors and helping with clean up.

Show Time!
It has been fun watching the transformation of makeup application this week. Sophia has never worn any makeup before so as they week went on, her skills greatly improved.

My brother Mike was in town for a business meeting and was able to attend!

My mom came in especially for this and my nephew from the city came in also.

Sophia’s friends that came for the Saturday night show with Steve.

Sophia on stage.

“Hot Mommas” – Me with two of my wonderful friends, Leanne and Helen.

Sophia and Sara holding Alana, a good friend who has been doing shows for years and had a main part in this show. She was fabulous. So fun to see her progression over the years.

No more shows until next Friday. Today we enjoy the last few hours of my mom’s visit and then tomorrow we are busy getting ready for Alexander’s birthday party on Tuesday. This is a fun time in our life!

4 thoughts on “Exhausting, Yet Fulfilling Week

  1. Sophie looks gorgeous and it looks like all of you had a wonderful time! I'm glad your body came through for you and let you enjoy every minute of a great weekend.


  2. What a fabulous week you all had! I'm so pleased for you, Cathy — you must be so proud of Sophie and everyone else too, for all they did to make it all happen. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. Now … REST. 😉


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