My Strength

Knowing that my mornings have been rough lately and that my life is going to be hectic the next two weeks with Sophia’s upcoming play, a friend asked, “Are you worried about the volunteer hours?” Sophia is performing in “A Little Princess” this weekend and when we signed up we had to commit to a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer time towards the show. All of my hours will be in the next two weeks.

“Are you worried about the volunteer hours?” An answer came out of my mouth without any thought and brought such calm and strength to me, “No. Alexander will be with me and when he is there, I never worry.” It is true. At 14 years old he is my strength. He watches out for me, he understands me and he is always a step ahead of me in knowing what I need help with. So, I know that between the two of us (and three when Steve is helping) we will do a great job. Plus, this theatre group has been so caring and open to Sophia that I find myself volunteering for more than I originally signed up for because I WANT to be able to give back to them.

*I did email my volunteer heads and let them know that I would not be the person to count on for heavy lifting. In the past I would have felt sad about this, but now I focus on what I CAN give and in my heart I know that is good and something to be proud of.

3 thoughts on “My Strength

  1. I love that you have no need to worry because you can count that highly on your SON! That really says a mouthful right there.

    Sometimes I think half the battle is getting there and then once we are there then we can do what needs to be done. Another option is to stay as long as you feel up to it and then go home and rest. One hour is better than no hours.

    I don't know about you but it really makes me feel good to volunteer, not only does it make me feel good I can help but it also makes me feel useful…during a time when I sometimes question my use at all.

    Good on ya, Cathy!


  2. Yes we live and learn don't we? No point in brooding over what we can't do, focus on what we can and be grateful for it. Good policy and we need to remind ourselves constantly.


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