In Others Healing Thoughts

Today has been a crummy day for me physically. All the main joints in my body are stiff and sore and this morning I just wanted to sit and cry. But, as the day went on things got better. The sun came out, the kids woke up and cheered my spirits, I accomplished a few things on my “to do” list and I received healing thoughts from others.

This afternoon I received a comment from a reader that I didn’t know existed. I was touched that we have so much in common – desire to alternatively educate our children, natural hair color, and alternative health. Yet, when I read “I admire your persistence in exploring all your options in regaining your health and send you healing thoughts every time I read your blog,” the tears just ran. I needed them to run so it was a good thing. I was so touched to know that even though I sometimes want to crawl into my own world during the worst of days, that there are still people out there sending me healing thoughts – people I didn’t even know read my blog. Thanks Jennifer. You completely made my day! Please keep those healing thoughts coming.

It didn’t end there. Wren, from Rheumablog, who leaves the best messages on all of our RA blogs left a message saying, “I’m taking you along with me in my thoughts as I walk Finny today, hoping that you’ll soon be able to get back out in the fresh air with your own four-legged buddy. Take care.” I read her words and visualized myself in her thoughts as she was out enjoying her walk with her new dog. A feeling of warmth took over my body as I joined her on her walk mentally.

Lana over at Living it, Loving It said something that all of us with a chronic disease face and do so well with – “I like that even though you see the things that are making you feel down, you add a “but wait a minute” to it.” It is true. We always have the “but wait a minutes” that bring us out of our slump and back to reality. We can’t forget about those “but wait a minutes”. They are the joys in life that keep us going.

Some days comments on my blog are just necessary. Today was one of those days. Thanks for not disappointing. My spirits have been lifted and there is a smile on my face.

2 thoughts on “In Others Healing Thoughts

  1. I too have been carrying you close to my heart and really looking forward to chatting with you on Monday.

    You are one of the most inspirational people to me because not only do you have that “can do” attitude you are so true to yourself with your feelings…and through that we can see not only is it ok to cry on the crummy days but it's always good to pull ourselves up and look at the good things.

    You truly have blessed me by letting me know it's ok to ask for and expect these things while dealing with RA.

    Today was my first therapist appt and while I was talking with her it shocked me just how much she reminded me of you.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you next week. I hope that neither of us are having a crummy day!


  2. This past week was a cold and rainy one here in T-Dot you can guess how that affects RA. Crying although relieving some immediate tension is short term for me. On the edge of loosing my second joint in 6 years I have decided to go on Methtotrexate to save my knees. Thinking of you and wishing you the best…ciao


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