Off to Visit a New Rheumatologist

I am off to visit with a new rheumatologist this morning. Wish me luck. From her picture (and how quickly I was able to get in) she looks like she might be new to the field. I hope this means new ideas and an open mind. I can’t honestly say I am going with a complete open mind, but my primary care physician asked me to just think of this as a second opinion. She is in the same awful offices as my previous rheumatolgist. It is depressing – posters of deformed joints all over the walls. Yuck. How does that make one feel hopeful?

I woke up many times last night thirsty and sweating and could feel my knee swelling again. This is a good reminder to me that even though I have been feeling well on the prednisone, it doesn’t solve the problem. Whatever is causing the inflammation is still there. My body is still trying to tell me something.

5 thoughts on “Off to Visit a New Rheumatologist

  1. I hope your appointment goes well, Cathy, and that your new rheumatologist is a good one who's got an open mind and listens carefully to her patients.

    I also hope that your current flare doesn't progress further than it has already. You've had more than enough pain in the last several months and you need an extended break!

    Sending warmth and comfort in your direction, my friend. Remember to breathe.



  2. I'm really sorry to hear that you are feeling bad enough to be taking prednisone…I think I missed that somewhere along the line.

    I hope that you find this new rheumy is open to the changes that you have made in your lifestyle and can also possibly give you some medical ideas on how to help you in ways you feel comfortable with.

    I'm praying this is the magic bullet that pushes you into a long needed remission!!


  3. Thanks for the well wishes. My appointment was pretty much as expected but not what I wanted. I need to think through my choices and see what I want to do now. At least I have all information now.


  4. I had an appointment with new rheumy yesterday too and I am hopeful. She asked a whole bunch of questions about my symptoms, did a physical exam, asked for blood work, and requested my records from old rheumy. She seemed much more knowledgeable and willing to listen than my previous rheumy was. If you new rheumy doesn’t seem knowledgeable, open-minded and willing to listen and encourage, then he or she, isn’t going to help you be successful in your healthcare choices. Find your comfort zone and be hopeful. I know it is not easy to feel that way when you are in pain every day of your life, but it is all we really have to work with.


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