INHOME Conference 2010 – Conclusion of "Amazing Week"

After many long walks this week reconnecting with both nature and my body, we completed my “amazing week” inside attending an annual homeschooling conference in Illinois known as the INHOME Conference. Since the temperatures dropped from a sunny 65 on Friday to the low 30’s with snow on Saturday, being inside sharing good times with friends was the perfect way to end this week.

I think the thing that would most surprise non-homeschoolers is how varied in lifestyles homeschoolers are from each other. We come from many different paths in life. Some homeschoolers are very conservative, while others top the liberal side. Homeschoolers vary on the religious spectrum from one end to the other. Not only do our life experiences vary, but our homeschooling philosophies can also be as different as night and day. But, whatever our philosophies about life, religion or educating our children, I love surrounding myself with other homeschoolers because what we do all have in common is a genuine love for our children and a strong desire to provide a way of life that we believe is the best path for our individual families.

The two days of conferences were devoted to classes and hanging out with friends.

Here Alexander learned how to make a flower out of duct tape.

I was able to get a quick photo of Alexander preparing for a NERF war with other teens.

Sophia and friends after face painting class.

The highlight of the conference for my family was the family dance. After a full day of participating in classes, it was great fun to watch our kids dance together in groups while the parents enjoyed good conversation and a few drinks.

Here the kids finished eating ice cream and were waiting for the teen dance to begin. It ended at midnight. This was my kids first year of attending the teen dance and they LOVED it!

Sophia and her friend Giselle decided to ditch a class on Saturday and go swimming instead. The indoor/outdoor pool was heated so they were swimming outside as the snow was coming down. Perfect!

Meeting up in between classes.

Steve and Alexander getting ready to attend a music workshop. Each child was to bring their instrument and music. The class was a huge success and afterwards the new band performed their song at the talent show. Here Alexander waits for his turn to perform.

I titled last week my “amazing week” and that is exactly what it was. I took full advantage of the gorgeous weather we had in Chicago and full advantage of the prednisone that is living in my body for now. I had a relaxing, fun time hanging out with friends. On Sunday I met with my original naturopath and immediately realized that although she is a drive, she is exactly the person I need to be working with on a regular basis. The energy and truthfullness she gives me is exactly what I need and meeting with her has given me a new sense of comfort.

Today starts a new week for me – an appointment with my primary care physician to discuss the results of my blood work and knee x-ray, plus a new reduced work schedule and a new class. It might not be an “amazing week”, but sometimes after an amazing week you look forward to the calmness of the ordinary week. I hope your week is great!

2 thoughts on “INHOME Conference 2010 – Conclusion of "Amazing Week"

  1. It looks like all of you had a wonderful time! I love the duct tape rose and Earl and Ezie would love the Nerf gun war. Sophia looks pretty with the face painting and I don't blame her for ditching a class to go swimming.

    I'm glad you guys had an amazing week!


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