I love Facebook. It is a wonderful place for me to read about the daily happenings of my family and friends. I feel like I learn so many little things about people that don’t come up in day to day conversations. Plus, since most of my family lives in other states, it gives me access to photos, conversations, and more that I so desperately miss. And, if you don’t see a friend often, it gives you lots of conversation starters right off the bat.

Something else I love about Facebook is that I tend to have a lot of early morning chats with homeschooling kids. Since most of our events as homeschoolers are family centered, the kids seem comfortable “friending” the moms and chatting with us online. Sometimes they may just say, “Hi” and “Bye”. Other times the kids stay on longer and we talk about our plans for the day or maybe discuss books we are reading. Steve started a fan page for his guitar/singing act and almost all of our kid’s friends joined as fans. In fact, many of them are coming out to hear Steve play tonight.

What I have always loved about unschooling parents is they talk to our kids as if they are people that need to be respected. As my kids and the kid’s of our homeschooling friends become teens, I see them wanting independence and some privacy, but I don’t see them wanting a life away from us. They seem to still like being a part of our daily lives. I like it too. I like the connections that are made on Facebook between kids and parents.

One thought on “Facebook

  1. Yeah, I love the way the parents and kids friend each other on Facebook too. In fact, J. has been disappointed more than once that more adults don't respond to his posts over there – I was a little surprised that he cared, but he does!


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