Wrapping Up Another Quad

Yesterday was the last day of classes for this quad. We wrapped up our classes by reviewing the last exam, completing paperwork, and celebrating our hard work with food and good conversation.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning for three hours I met with my morning group and then returned for another three hour class those same evenings. The personalities in these two classes were as different as can be.

I had thirty students in my morning class. They were very inquisitive and challenged me to be creative in my presentation. I enjoyed this challenge and looked forward to each class.

Unfortunately you can’t see the beautiful necklace and earrings Olga gave me from Mexico. I already have plans to wear them to Steve’s gig on Thursday.

The students in this class made lots of yummy food. We had food from Mexico, Korea and Iraq.

My evening class was smaller, only about twelve students and ten of those were men. Our evening party was quite different. Rather than homemade food we had pizza delivered and the desserts were purchased from bakeries and grocery stores.

Our eight weeks together were fun. We learned a lot about English and we learned a lot about each other and from each other. At the end of class my 68 year old Korean student who will be reviewing this level again reminded me that it isn’t how quickly we move forward, but that we are moving forward. He wasn’t upset that he will be returning to the same level because he said last year he couldn’t read English and now he can. A good lesson for all of us.

One thought on “Wrapping Up Another Quad

  1. what an awesome post! It looks like you guys had a fun night :). I have to say you look great Cathy. I wish I was your size…darn prednisone messed that up for me! LOL! You mentioned earlier about detoxing…have you ever used an infrared sauna? I am reading about lots of people using those and it sounds like it could be a good thing. I'm gonna research more about the Body Ecology Diet. Thanks again for that info.


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