Unschooling and Math

In Alexander’s math book he has been doing a lot with decimals and rounding. Since I am at the end of a quad and need to prepare grades for my students, I had him sit down with me and figure out student averages. He LOVED it! When he was finished he wanted to do more. He was very careful, double checking his work and asking questions along the way. One thing I have noticed about him as he is working in a math book for the first time is that he needs to know that what he is learning is something he will really use in life and if it isn’t, there are too many other wonderful things in life to learn about. We often find ourselves agreeing to skip review problems that were mastered quickly or really won’t be used often enough to spend additional time on. But averaging grades with me was a way to see how math is used in the world. He can see the purpose in learning how to average and immediately started thinking through all the other things that could be averaged. I love it!

4 thoughts on “Unschooling and Math

  1. awwww….thats great 🙂 I read an earlier post of yours and how you were doing the body ecology diet… are you still doing that? I do believe diet plays an important role in how we feel. Also, the weather but we won't go there today as it is raining here! lol


  2. Hi Leslie,
    Yes. I am still following the Body Ecology Diet. I am also working with a new naturopath. I seem to be having a really difficult time detoxing so we are working on that as well as my digestive problems and hoping this helps to reduce the inflammation. It is wet here today also but for some reason I feel a little better today. 🙂



  3. I was embarrassingly bad at math when I was in school, and I still am, though the calculator is my friend. ;o) I felt the same way about math that your son does — if it didn't apply to my world, I couldn't see the point. How wonderful that he's enjoying math, seems to “get” it, and gets excited to discover that it really can apply to real life!

    Also — Very glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better. The world becomes a much more friendly place when PAIN doesn't block it out. You're doing just great. Here's hoping that your efforts to fight the Beast keep you several steps — even miles — ahead of it. Best wishes…



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