Asking to Write and Loving It!

Since Alexander has asked for more writing, I gave him the assignment of writing about a book we recently read together on the Boston Massacre. He was working on the assignment a couple of evenings ago when Steve and I started heading up to bed and he stopped working on the assignment to join us. As a family, we generally all hang out in our bedroom together watching a little TV and talking before Steve and I crash.

The next morning Alexander shared that he almost wished it hadn’t been time to head up the night before because he was really enjoying his writing assignment. This is one of the many, many reasons I love unschooling. We are following his lead. He has come to a point where he is ready for the projects, he is the one asking for them, and then he is the one enjoying them. Well, in all honesty, I am enjoying them too. I love spending time with this guy listening to his thoughts and watching his progress. Yay for unschooling and Yay for Alexander.

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