I’m With Coco

It’s true. I LOVE The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Conan has been a regular in our house for many years. Steve and I started watching him during his early days on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, the kids have grown up watching him, and we have even talked about going to see his show together as a family when the kids are old enough to attend. That’s how much we love the show and Conan.

Since we are generally asleep before the Late Night show came on, he was always included in our DVR lineup and we would catch up on shows throughout the weekend. We were so excited when he got The Tonight Show and moved to the earlier time slot. (Jay is okay, but we prefer the edgier humor of Conan.) We could actually watch him before dosing off to sleep. Wasn’t that the intention of The Tonight Show anyhow?

Since all four of us love his humor we feel deeply saddened by the changes NBC is making. I know. It is just a TV show and we probably watch too much anyhow. But, we really LOVE this one! We are desperately hoping that another network picks him up quickly and we are back to enjoying his humor. (Of course with Andy Richter who we also love!)

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