Charting RA Progress

One of the best things I have done for myself lately is to start charting my daily rheumatoid arthritis progress. This includes documenting any offending foods, extra stress, dreams, daily inflammation, remedies, etc. I like that it not only gives me a chance to reflect on myself each day and all that is happening around me, but that it gives me something to refer back to when I am not feeling so well, like today.

3 thoughts on “Charting RA Progress

  1. This is a really good idea, Cathy. Have you tried the symptom-tracking website WarmSocks suggested last week? It's called ReliefInSite,

    I really like it. They'll even email you to remind you to chart your symptoms, if you want them to. I do, since I tend to be a wee bit absentminded … heheheh…

    Anyway. Best to you and yours!


  2. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    This past April I started charting my progress as well…not for a long time, but just for a month or so. Having this month to look back on, both now and then, has really helped me quite a bit. (Back then, it forced me to accept how bad my pain was. Now, it shows me how strong I have been during moments like those.)


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