Life Is Good

It’s New Year’s Eve and I sit in my bedroom alone with my laptop watching a biography of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, one of my favorite shows. I also sit here listening to non-stop laughter coming from Alexander, Sophia and friends as they play the game Catch Phrase. Such a contrast from the quiet earlier tonight when they played Bananagrams. I see Steve off and on as he comes up to check on me while waiting for programs to load. He is doing an unplanned job that will bring in some extra money that is much needed right now. (sigh of relief)

A quiet night is appreciated. We had a busy day shopping for a new outfit for Sophia at the mall. I try to avoid the mall if at all possible, ordering almost everything online. Luckily we found an adorable dress on the clearance rack for $12 at the first store we went to (as soon as I showed it to Sophia, I wished I had claimed it for myself). We also picked up/made snacks for the kid’s party, did a little workout (yes, I am feeling that good) and cleaned. A quiet night is nice. I have caught up on emails and I tried to track my package from Eddie Bauer which contains a new pair of jeans, a pair of slacks and a sweater. I didn’t have any luck with the tracking number. After losing 20 pounds on the Body Ecology Diet, I have absolutely nothing to wear and really want new clothes to take with me on our trip to Wichita, Kansas next week. After placing the order I went back and tried to do a three day delivery to make sure I had the clothes in time but it was too late. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they come in time and fit.

We are in for a long night. The girls have been known to stay up until 6am and the boys that are here tonight get along well with the girls, so I doubt they will be asleep any sooner. This will drive our dog Izzy nuts even though we worked hard to wear her out before our guests arrived. Anything out of our regular routine causes her to feel restless. She will come to me whining until the kids finally fall asleep. The laughter and talking, plus snacks, is just too much for this puppy who turns three tomorrow. The kids will be tired and cranky tomorrow and we will take it easy finishing up on season 5 of The Office.

I am a homebody. I love quiet nights at home and I love to have my family near me. So, even though I am celebrating this new year somewhat alone, I have my family close by and my husband bringing in much needed money. For this homebody, life is good.

8 thoughts on “Life Is Good

  1. It all sounds good to me. 20 pounds…that is awesome. I'll bet it feels good to not only eat in a way that supports your health but to also lose that kind of's a win/win.

    Enjoy your night in, we plan to do that same!


  2. Yeah, the 20 pounds was totally unexpected. I went on this diet to help the inflammation in my body and lost of ton of weight. It is weird when you aren't trying to lose weight because you see yourself in the mirror and are surprised by what you see. This is the lightest I have been in years.


  3. cathy, i am so happy that you are feeling good! you deserve it after the hard work you've been doing with your food choices! Happy New Year, i hope it's a good one for you and your family. xo robin
    p.s. i stayed home for new year's too and it was perfect


  4. Amazing how wonderfully calm we feel when we hear our childrens laughter. We spent the night in, the girls the night at a Girl Scout camp in…poor Jonathan was so lost without his sisters. Congrats on the weight Cath!


  5. This is the first time in years I have gone out on NY eve. It must be a family thing because I just enjoy being home I don't need a big party to end and start a year. some years we play games and some years I watch t.v. alone either way is fine with me as long as I know everyone is safe and happy. Can't wait to see you next week. I will send 20 lbs back home with you if you would like, I don't need it.


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