Water Park

Early Sunday morning we drove three and a half hours to the Wisconsin Dells for a day/night of water slides,wave pools and most importantly time together as a family. As we headed to our first adventure, The Hurricane,we climbed several sets of stairs before standing in line to wait for our turn. As we waited, I felt this sense of anxiety taking over. The anxiety didn’t come from the fear that my body couldn’t handle the numerous stair climbing we would be doing because my body has actually been feeling better (I started the homeopathy remedy my friend worked on for me. More on that to come soon!)and the anxiety didn’t come from the ride, although I had no idea what I was getting myself into and should have had anxiety about that. No, the anxiety came from the fear that the water would be cold and my hands and feet would not be able to tolerate it. One of the side effects for many with RA is poor circulation in their hands and feet which make the cold unbearable. But, when I stepped into the water, it was warm. Except for a few areas in the park, all the water was pleasantly warm and I had absolutely no problems with my hands or feet. Two flights of stairs feeling anxiety for nothing!

It turns out that RA didn’t play a part in limiting my adventures one bit. Instead, motion sickness played its part. On our second run of The Hurricane, I was dumped from the tube backwards and in the dark and felt the first signs of trouble. Then we headed to the wave pool where I laid across a tube while Steve and the waves bounced me around. I ended up taking a little break on the next adventure and then felt fine.

The trip was good and my body did a lot physically. I am proud of myself. Getting away and having fun together always reminds me of how fortunate we are as a family. I look at my husband and feel happy that he is so much fun. He is a good balance for me. I like the way that Alexander and Sophia get along and enjoy seeing them from a distance laughing and talking together. As a family, we just seem to click. I am glad we had the opportunity to get away and started our vacation time with Steve relaxed.

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