Top Ten Perks to Being Bedridden

My bed and I have become quite good friends since Thursday when my body went into a flare-up it has not experienced in some time. Every joint was attacked and attacked hard. But, that doesn’t mean my life came to an end. No way! Being bedridden does not have to be an awful experience, especially if you can ignore the smell coming from your body and the dishes piling up around you. (I have been quite content ignoring them but Sophia mentioned last night that I might want to shower today.)

Top Ten Perks to Being Bedridden:
1. My puppy Izzy seems quite content snuggled up next to me protecting me. She has even let me sleep in a bit in the morning.
2. It gives me a chance to catch up on all the TV shows I recorded but never watched.
3. Extra reading time.
4. Sophia always spends her time next to me which is the biggest reward of being bedridden.
5. I get out of cleaning the kitchen.
6. I am able to pat myself on the back for having prepared foods on my diet ahead of time so I could continue to eat foods that will nourish me.
7. I save water because I continue to wear the same clothes day after day.
8. I have plenty of time to explore all of my emotions.
9. With only a little asking, I can have food and drink brought to me around the clock.
10. Since both of our bathrooms require taking stairs if on the main level, I don’t have to worry about any stairs while hanging out in my bed all day.

Down time can be good and I obviously needed it, but today the sun is shining and my flare-up seems to be dwindling. I feel optimistic that my bedridden days will soon be over, that my body had time to cleanse, and that it will soon be moving ahead to the next step of healing.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Perks to Being Bedridden

  1. Being there, doing that. For a different reason, but I can definitely identify.

    Since my surgery on Thursday I've finished half a book and am halfway through another, have watched three movies and a couple of shows on DVR, taken only one bath, and haven't done any housework other than scoop the litter box (which is one of just two chores my hubby just won't do).

    I'm getting tired of lying around, but still am no able to get up for long periods of time, though. It's getting easier every day, though.

    Hope you feel much better soon!


  2. happy late birthday!!

    I am so glad that you are positive about being bedridden. I truly believe that flare ups are healing crises and we have to let our body continue to remove waste and toxins instead of taking meds.

    thanks for reminding me about how fun it is to stay in bed all day!
    Now all I need to do is get better at preparing foods in advance!


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