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Last November I decided to take my love of blogging one step further and create a family blog for my extended family. We decided to keep it private, which at first I didn’t think was necessary, but now kind of like. Each one of us is a contributor. On the blog we keep an updated list of birthdays and honor each person on their special day. We can also find this year’s Christmas exchange list on the blog. The blog is the place to go for addresses and phone numbers. We have a large family: six of us originally with now 22 grandchildren and many great grandchildren so keeping up with birthdays, addresses, etc can be a challenge.

This morning I was looking through the blog and it just felt beautiful to look at all the stories and pictures that have been shared in the last year. Recently a photo of a sonogram was put on the blog by my niece who has been waiting to be a momma for a long time and a picture of Caesar, my sister’s ten year old lab that died over the weekend. Many of the photos will be shared on Facebook and on personal blogs, but it isn’t the same as having all the photos and stories of our extended family in one place. It reminds me of a photo album of our complete family.

It will be fun to look back through our blog in another year and see where my nieces and nephews, my brothers and sisters, my parents, and my myself have been over the year. It will be enjoyable to see new babies, new homes, vacations, sports, and more. And unfortunately, I am sure it will be a place to share heartaches. Thanks to each of my family members for contributing to the blog. We are scattered in our different places but our connection remains strong.

2 thoughts on “Family Blog

  1. I love the family blog! I didn't like the private idea at first, but now I do. I love having all the address and everything right there together and the more personal part of it. Another great idea!



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