The Gluten Free ‘Dish’

My good friend Debbie at The Gluten Free Dish has been nominated by Dr. Geoffrey W. Rutledge MD, PhD to be a part of Wellshere Health Bloggers Network. Check out her site which is full of great gluten free recipes as well as heart felt information about healthy living. Then, if you like what you see, vote for her at Wellspere Health Bloggers Network.

Also, be sure to check out her Kid Friendly Gluten and Dairy Free Breakfast Casserole. It is made with sweet potatoes and is absolutely delicious. I think this might have been the recipe that created the friendship I have with Debbie who has been a wonderful friend along my rheumatoid arthritis journey this last year. Thanks Debbie. You are a very special person.

One thought on “The Gluten Free ‘Dish’

  1. Cathy, I just opened up my Google reader and I did a double take when I saw my blog name on your post. For a moment, I thought in my foggy brain I had subscribed to my own blog. 🙂 This is the sweetest post and I am deeply grateful to you for your friendship and support. Thanks, Cathy!


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