Body Ecology Diet

I have completed an entire month of the Body Ecology Diet! I read Donna Gates book a few years ago and felt like it was too much for me and returned the book to the library. Over the last few years the diet has come back to me several times and I finally felt like I needed to listen to this message that was coming to me and research it again. When I read through the book this time it made perfect sense to me. The time had come where I felt open minded to trying this diet and seeing what it would do for me.

~In the last month I have learned to ferment and eat fermented vegetables. It isn’t as difficult as I imagined. As long as I keep on a regular schedule of preparing the veggies, my one hour investment of chopping will provide several weeks worth of fermented veggies ready to eat! I like knowing that the veggies I am eating are full of probiotics that are working towards repairing my digestive system and creating a new environment balanced out with good bacteria.

~My favorite part of the day is drinking coconut water kefir. Together Alexander and I cut the coconuts, drain the juice and begin the fermentation process of the water. When it is ready to drink I add either unsweetened cranberry juice/black currant juice or lemon juice and a little stevia. Delicious! This drink helps to break down my foods and allow them to digest easier.

~I have made some wonderful soups that I enjoy for breakfast or anytime I need a little snack.

~This is a gluten free diet which I have been following for the last four and half years but this is more restrictive. I am only allowed amarath, millet, quinoa and buckwheat preferably in the whole grain rather than flour. So, I am experimenting with some new recipes. One night I made Buckwheat Croquettes and Alexander LOVED them. Only, he felt bad for eating my food. No problem. I am more than happy to share.

~I making my own salad dressing which uses olive oil, dulce, apple cider vinegar and a little lemon juice – all of which continue the process of breaking down my foods and making them easier to digest.

~Best of all as I prepare my foods I think of how each food is healing my complete body. I have been able to resist temptations because I visualize the tempting food as an invader that is trying to harm my body and must be saved by the foods on my list.

How Am I Feeling?
I would like to say that my joint pain is gone but it is not. In The Body Ecology Diet book Donna Gates reminds us often that healing is a slow process and there are many layers to healing. So, I am not discouraged because I know in my heart that healing is happening and I am seeing it is other areas. Within the first week of the diet a sensitive tooth I have had for the last two years is no longer sensitive. This diet allows for no sugar at all in the beginning phase – including fruit. That could be helping my sensitive tooth. A cyst I have on my wrist has decreased in size and the bloating I have been experiencing for some time is gone. Plus, I have lost about seven pounds. I am not really looking for anymore weight loss but Donna Gates did share that as the toxins are eliminated from our bodies, we will lose weight. In the last few days I have had a small reduction in swelling of my knee. This is great news for me especially since the weather in Chicago has been rainy and cold.

I am seeing changes happen and remind myself often that we are like onions with several layers. It took us years and years to add on the layers that finally contributed to our chronic disease and it will take work to get those layers off. But with each layer we are one step closer to being free of chronic disease and free of future health problems. Thanks to everyone that keeps motivating me each and everyday, especially Steve, Alexander and Sophia who praise my efforts and make adjustments in their own eating habits to help me. Thanks to my sister Stacey who calls every few days just to see how I am doing. She motivates me, listens to me and encourages me more than she will every know. And to one of my best friends, Olif, who receives my daily emails sharing my ups and downs. Also, thanks to each of my blogger friends who daily provide posts that make me laugh or give me new things to think about. I have a lot of support surrounding me and because of this, I feel strong continuing my diet and my journey. I feel very optimistic and very much in control of my own health. I like that feeling.

2 thoughts on “Body Ecology Diet

  1. You are right, there are so many layers and we have to try to be patient to peel each one back to get to the problem sometimes. I'm so proud of you for sticking to your guns!



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