Everyday Health – A Natural Path to Healing

This week my post on Everyday Health is titled Temporarily Defeated by Rheumatoid Arthritis.

After a major flare up has calmed down, I always look back at what was happening before and during the flare-up. Sometimes it seems like nothing out of the ordinary was going on and the flare-up makes absolutely no sense at all. This flare up definitely had many things going for it – I was on a detox tea and added a few extra acupuncture treatments that may have stirred things up a little too quickly, we had lots of rain last week, and we had a stressful week with cars breaking down and me returning to work. Plus, I didn’t see my husband much at all last week which I never like. When I look back at all that was happening last week, it makes sense that my body was reacting. I was putting a lot of stress on it and it was letting me know it doesn’t appreciate it.

The good news is when I went in for acupuncture this week, Jim felt like my organs looked better than they have in a while which means we are making improvements. He is looking for an herb that will be a good match for my cold body and warm knee.

“My body is healing. My body is healing.” (Breath deep and say 100 times throughout the day!)

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