Finding Our Inner Strength

A friend of my mine is going through a rough patch in life right now. While listening to her, I realized she hasn’t figured out yet how strong she is. She is in the beginning of what is a painful, life changing experience for her and right now she feels weak and insecure. Although I hate to watch her go through this experience, I am excited to see her grow and blossom into a person that sees her own strength. I see it. I know it is there.

I think with any challenge that life throws us, we are taken back at first and feel vulnerable. I know I felt that way when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I felt like it was going to gulp me up and spit me out without any say from me. But, each year that has gone by, I have found a stronger sense of myself. I look back to when I was first diagnosed and I would hyperventilate just reading about rheumatoid arthritis. Today, I feel proud of where I am.

I believe that the strength I have gained from my experiences with rheumatoid arthritis will make the next challenge in my life that much easier because I will know it is a process. I will know that deep within myself is a strength stronger than the world or myself knows about. I am looking forward to seeing my friend find that inner strength although I wish she didn’t have to go through the tough spots in between. But, our strength can’t be given to us. We have to find it for ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Finding Our Inner Strength

  1. It's wonderful that you can see that inner strength in her even though she can't spot it yet.

    Tell her about it. Sometimes just knowing someone else see's something in us helps us believe that it's there, too.


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