You Can Just Call Me Super Woman!

If you need to call me Super Woman after reading this post, go ahead. That is what I felt like yesterday. Our day was full of physical activities and I accomplished a goal I set for myself this summer! Yipeee for me!

My day started off on its regular path of taking a 20-25 minute walk with Izzy, our border collie, in the morning. If you have ever walked a dog that wants to control everything that moves, you know you have to have strength and balance to walk her. There have been days that I felt I would probably fall over trying to calm her as she lunged at an innocent bike rider. But, she is getting better. She was bred to herd sheep, so bikers have become what she tries to herd.

Last Sunday we went on a family bike ride even though I wasn’t feeling that great. I had some swelling and pain in my knee, my back was stiff and my shoulder was coming out of a flare-up. The bike ride made me feel amazing. So, my son Alexander and I decided to start riding in the mornings. We had errands to run and decided to make them a part of our bike ride. We rode three miles to the library and then another mile to the post office and back home. Almost an eight mile round trip ride. When I got off my bike to go into the library and post office, I noticed the limp I had earlier was gone. I think the stretching and getting my blood going is really helping my knee. The best part of the ride was hearing Alexander say, “This is really fun. I am glad we are doing this.”

Now, this would seem to be quite the accomplishment already, but I decided to take it another step further. As soon as we arrived home from our bike ride, we headed to the swimming pool with Sophia. I soaked up some sun and then decided I was just going to take the plunge and jump into the pool. Last summer when I was at my worst with rheumatoid arthritis, it was too much to go from the warm air outside to the coolness of the pool. As soon as I would get in the water, my joints would tighten up and I would feel miserable. The pool has always been a place where I can enjoy time with the kids without any interruptions. They like when I swim and play with them and it has really bothered me that I haven’t been able to participate in this with them. So yesterday I got on the diving board and decided to do it! To my children’s excitement (Yes, even teens like their mother to swim with them), I jumped in and was fine! It was cold but I didn’t feel my joints tightening up. (Thank you Chinese herb!) We played for about an hour in the water. It was so fun! I had met my summer goal of getting in the water and playing with the kids!

After a little resting time at home I made dinner, vacuumed the living room and took another 20-25 minute walk with Izzy, only this time Sophia joined us. It was nice. It was like my energy was never going to end.

My day was full. I felt like I was living in the moment all day and I loved it. This is more than I have done in a really long time. At the end of the day I wasn’t sore or stiff but I was extremely tired. I was asleep by 9:30PM. But, after a day like this, even Super Woman deserves a little rest, right?

4 thoughts on “You Can Just Call Me Super Woman!

  1. Isn't it great to have a pain free day to enjoy life and accomplish a few things without the nagging pain or fatigue! I'm glad you got to enjoy it, may you be blessed with many more.



  2. Thank you Debbie. It is fun conquering the goals I have set out for myself.

    Terry, I am hoping for many more days too! I just made it through two days of rain which is always a struggle so I am happy about that. I hope some rubs off for you too.



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