A Visitor

Guess who decided to make a little visit yesterday? Rheumatoid Arthritis. I guess Rheumatoid Arthritis missed me since she has been away for a while and decided to come for a temporary visit. She came in quietly yesterday making my feet, fingers and back a little stiff and then decided to make more of an impression by evening and settled into my shoulder for a painful night.

I guess her visit will extend through today because I woke up to a shoulder that felt a little better but the rest of my body is really stiff. Fortunately Rheumatoid Arthritis hasn’t decided to settle in my left knee. I haven’t had any additional swelling! In fact, the swelling is still going down. Thank you Rheumatoid Arthritis for staying out of that area. My left knee has been working hard and deserves a break.

Generally after I have felt good for a period of time and then have a return visit from Rheumatoid Arthritis, I feel let down and emotional. Not this time. I sensed Rheumatoid Arthritis coming and feel differently about her visit this time. I know it is temporary. Something in my body is telling me that it is healing and to expect a few setbacks along the way, but not to give up. My job right now is keep believing and trusting in the healing that is happening.

So, since I have a visitor, I will sit back and enjoy some quiet time with her today. She can share some nice warm tea, some reading and the laughter I will hear as my children’s friends arrive to play today. RA may come for a visit whenever she likes, but today she is going to play by my rules and realize that life is going to continue as usual.

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