I Didn’t Want That To Happen!

I have been eliminating eggs for at least 2-3 weeks now (or more, I can’t remember). I decided to have two eggs for breakfast this morning. Within 10 minutes I felt a little nauseated and dizzy. I DON’T WANT EGGS TO BE A PROBLEM! I love eggs. I have a great source for farm fresh eggs and they have always been my easy meal or snack.

I am going to eliminate them again for a few weeks and then try again just to be sure. My mantra for the next few weeks shall be “Let eggs work for my body.”

9 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want That To Happen!

  1. I did not include eggs in my elimination diet and they don't seem to bother me, luckily. Just this morning I had some scrambled eggs with caramelized onions for breakfast. Yum.


  2. How were they prepared? Could it be that they were just a little rich for you this morning since you haven't had them for a while? Maybe a simple hard-boiled egg for starters would be the way to go.


  3. Annie, I had scrambled eggs without anything added. By eliminating them from my system and then reintroducing them, the signs my body gives me tell me how they truly feel about the food.
    I do plan to eliminate them and try again just to make sure.


  4. I'm sorry Cathy. I can't have eggs either, I am allergic to them. I found out through a blood test but they used to give me an upset stomach.

    My husband eats eggs but he's finally discovered that they are causing him to have eczema patches so he can't eat them either.

    I've heard there are ways to “overcome” sensitivities + allergies but I am not sure how to do that exactly.

    Good luck, you are in my thoughts!


  5. Hi! I am sorry that those eggs didn't agree with you. I wanted to thank you for your kind words of encouragement when I was under the weather. They really brightened my day!


  6. I know this post is old, and things may have changed with you, but though maybe this could help someone else. In the GAPS diet world, when you introduce eggs, you start with the yolk only, stirred raw into some broth. If that goes well, a few days later you do a soft boiled egg, again stirred into your both. If all is well, you can move on to softly scrambled, then other ways of preparing. I find that I can't eat eggs that are cooked at high heat – it changes the protein structure, soft boiled, soft poached, lightly scrambled seen the best for me at this time.


  7. Gardensongs, Thanks so much for the comment. Actually, I have been thinking about the GAPS diet a lot lately so this comment comes at the perfect time!


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