Accupuncture Week #4

My acupuncture treatment was good today. As of Friday night the swelling in my knee was down again and I was able to move around pretty easily. Today Jim continued to work on my left knee and also focused some attention on my left shoulder which went into a flare last night. The flare ups in my shoulders are always extremely painful but also very temporary. Generally within 24 hours they are gone. So besides the acupuncture, Jim massaged/manipulated the shoulder area before I left. OMG! It felt good. Also, I brought all my supplements in and had him muscle test them to make sure they are still a good match for me. We were able to combine a few into a new supplement and eliminate one. Overall, a good visit. If this week is good, then we will start spreading out the treatments!

My instructions for today are to make sure I use my knee. That shouldn’t be difficult. We are going grocery shopping, taking Izzy to a vet appointment, taking a long walk with Izzy and a few other things. Then to make sure I have some down time I have a new book I am going to start reading to the kids today. Maybe I can even sneak in a nap. I love afternoon naps!

Sending healing thoughts to each of you today.

2 thoughts on “Accupuncture Week #4

  1. I'm so glad that your knee is going better. I am right beside you in terms of progress, this morning I got on the elliptical trainer for ten minutes (first time in months!) and even made it to power pilates class (gasp!)

    Just a couple of weeks ago I was telling my physical therapist how the pain in my shoulder joint is so much more painful than other joints. I can relate to what you wrote. For me, shoulder pain just seems so deep and intense…it feels like there is no bottom to the pain.

    Sending you healing thoughts for your shoulders, and glad your dog went out for a walk. I gotta take my dogs for a walk soon, they would be so happy!


  2. Your posts are really inspiring me to try acupuncture again. I can imagine if I can get past the needle part that I might benefit from it.

    I'm glad that your shoulder flares don't last for long…I can't even begin to imagine what that must feel like.

    Feel better!


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