This is a new day!

This is a new day!
-Louise Hay Daily Affirmation

After a week of some financial setbacks and a stubborn knee that decided to do some work in the reverse, I think I am almost back to feeling myself again. Thanks to everyone for your positive thoughts and words. They helped a lot.

Over the years of dealing with RA I have learned much about myself. Often when I am in the mist of a flare-up I will say to myself, “You haven’t learned everything you need from this disease yet.” I have it in my head that when I have learned all I need to learn from this experience, the pain and swelling will disappear and I will move on to a new learning experience. So, when I have several days of feeling good, I start believing I have learned everything I need from this disease. But, not yet. I have more to learn, more to do.

So, today is a new day! One thing I do know about myself is that I like to see life through sunny glasses and today will be no different. I need not think about the days that have passed but look forward to this new day and all that it has to bring me!

6 thoughts on “This is a new day!

  1. Glad to see you are in good spirits. I have a flare up that has gone on for weeks now, but it seems to be subsiding, but I will save my new day celebration until I leave work at 5 pm. RA is one heck of a journey>


  2. Anonymous

    Actually, your refusal to look at your past emotional baggage and only seeing life through your sunny glasses is exactly what may be keeping your disease entrenched in your body. Dig deep and free yourself…it is hard to look at the past but well worth it. Good luck on your journey!


  3. With this attitude, you will stay ahead of your RA. Your mental state plays such a big role in how you do from day to day. For me, RA has been an ongoing learning process, a lot of it by trial and error.



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