The Rest of the Story

In my last few posts I received comments from an anonymous person. Since his/her identity is a mystery, I don’t have the luxury of responding to him/her personally to gather more information. With many people that follow my blog, I have been fortunate to have side conversations through private email where we have been able to learn from each other. Unfortunately I don’t know this mystery person (or maybe I do) but I have appreciated that they seem to be on the same page as me. I too believe that in order to heal you have to release your “emotional baggage”.

I share much on this blog about the feelings I experience with rheumatoid arthritis, but there is much that I keep private. I have had many experiences and changes that I share with only those close to me. That isn’t going to change. However, I will say that the beginning of letting my emotional baggage go was also the beginning of my rheumatoid arthritis. My RA began when I was going through some very personal changes and lots of emotional baggage needed to be released. (Thank goodness for a supportive husband during this time!) For the last five and half years each of my treatments with alternative practitioners has also revolved around the emotional aspect of how this disease affects me. I have come a long ways in the last five years in this area and I am proud of myself. I have also accepted that the changes will only happen as quickly as the last change has had time to absorb and be truly realized.

I feel like I have been given a gift in life and that gift is that I can see life through “sunny glasses”. I hope this never leaves me. I believe that you can work towards releasing the baggage while also seeing life in a positive light.

Thank you “anonymous” commenter for making me think the past few days. For giving me comments that have made me consider how much further I need to move forward and also how far I have come. As I shared these comments with a good friend, I was reminded of how many changes I have made over the years. Are all these changes and all the digging things I want to share on my blog? No. I share a lot, but a girl does have to have some of her own secrets.

3 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story

  1. Uhm yikes, I just got a chance to read the comments and I'm not sure how anyone can say any of those things about you.

    Seriously Cathy, I know I have only met you once but your one of the most calm people I know…to say your in touch with yourself and your family would be an understatement.

    I think wearing sunny glasses is not a bad thing if it works for you…I tell you as a pessimistic person I sure could use those sunny glasses myself.



  2. Anonymous

    Sorry for posting my comments so publicly on your blog. I am new to this blog thing and didn't know I could personally email you or I would have. When I read people's blog and see flaws in their reasoning, I like to call them on it, to make them consider a different way of seeing their world. Many times those closest to you won't tell you the truth, where an anonymous stranger can. Your story seemed so one-sided but I am glad to know you are considering everything. I sincerely hope the best for you as you tackle both your past and your present.


  3. I do that too- my RA also started during some pretty serious emotional events in my life, only one of which I'm willing to share with the blogoverse. While I generally tell everyone pretty much everything, I also think it's perfectly fine to play certain things very close and to only share them with a few close friends. There are certain things about us that are just for us, you know?


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