Acupuncture Week 2

When my acupuncturist, Jim, asked how I was doing, he didn’t know what he was in for. I broke down in tears and shared my fears and frustrations with him. I feel so much better doing that. He not only acknowledged how difficult of a journey this has been for me but reminded me over and over throughout the appointment that our bodies do want to heal. They do want to be healthy. Taking an alternative, natural path often does take longer than when using pharmaceutical products because we are looking for the cause of the disease rather than just trying to treat it. Also, by getting to the root of the problem, others issues will be resolved. I feel encouraged.

He hooked me up to a machine that checks for imbalances in my body. I have made improvements since last week! My liver looks better. Also, he said my overall health is good which gives him confidence that I can survive this swollen knee and that we are on a good path. He muscle tested me for a Chinese herb known as Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan.

So, I keep going and keep working towards good health. I know it is in me. I just don’t know the timeline for when it will be. But, it will come to be. That I am sure of and that is what gives me confidence to keep trying.

7 thoughts on “Acupuncture Week 2

  1. A good cry and telling someone who is a little removed from the situation of our fears can be a great release of tension.

    Keep up the good work. Remember how far you have come and don't be discouraged, it takes a long time to get sick and it can take a while to get back to full health again.


  2. Thanks Joanne for the encouragement. It is true, we spend many years making ourselves sick and then expect full health right away. Patience is one of the biggest things I have learned (and continue to learn) through RA.


  3. Cathy, your emotional experience seems to fit my experiences while healing the liver. I had times like that when the tears would flow freely and times that I would feel upset. It is cleansing your body in all levels and that's a good part of this process. You are getting better!


  4. Cathy, As you know, I have been in the same place the few weeks. Having a chronic pain condition can take a toll on anyone. It would be nice to be able to move as fast as I used to, to get to work out and get off the weight I gained during pregnancy (my baby is 10 mo.), or even get just get up in the morning feeling like I am 80 (I am only 33), it is hard. I have realized in recent days that I need to make some lifestyle changes so that my kids do not suffer because of my health. But hang in there, you are not alone in this journey.


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