Getaway Weekend

Last week Steve worked from home while completing an online class for work. It was nice having him home. Since he knew he was going to finish early on Friday, we decided to do a quick getaway weekend to Madison, WI which is about a two and a half hour drive from our home.

We dropped our dog Izzy off at her best friend Bella’s house before taking off. I provide her with a raw homemade diet that varies from day to day, yet every time she goes to Bella’s house, she runs for her food dish full of kibble like it candy. She even tried to open the plastic container they store Bella’s food in! Geez.

We were in a hotel across the street from the state capitol that was within walking distance to everything. So, after getting settled we headed to the capitol. The kids were impressed.

Alexander wanted to head to the observation deck to take photos.

Then we went to eat.

Back at the hotel, Steve gave us some of his Johnny Depp looks. Impressive, huh?

Steve was not the only one with a new hat. We found a really cute hat shop where Sophia found a hat made by a local. Sophia liked that Madison has few chain stores in their downtown area and instead focuses on small businesses. It is cool when your eleven year old notices things like that. When we were walking back to the hotel on Friday night, I saw a path ahead of us that went off the beaten path and then hooked back up with the main path. As soon as I saw the path in front of us, I knew she was going to take this path. This is just how she is. She always follows her own path. She likes being an individual. It struck me as she took this alternate path that I am so glad we can give her the child led type of homeschooling we do where she is free to take paths that lead her in her own direction, yet she always know that she can join back on the safe, secure path if needed.
Alexander loved taking photos. He seems to notice architecture and appreciates it. We had lots of stairs and walking to do. Alexander always made sure to wait for me. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter kid. He takes good care of his momma.

On Saturday morning Madison had their weekly farmer’s market. It was great. Booths full of fresh food surrounded every side of the capitol building and there were tons of people. I love going to farmers markets and seeing people excited about good quality food. Plus, there were musicians playing on the street corners and bikers everywhere. It felt so comfortable.

One of my favorite parts of road trips is spending time in the car with Steve. He makes me laugh and I love when he sings.

Sadly the getaway ended early. Sophia developed a fever on Friday night and just needed to be home. As of Sunday, she is still running a fever. Today will be spent laying in bed with Sophia watching TV, talking, sleeping and cuddling. When Sophia is sick, she just wants her momma next to her. That’s okay with me. I need a little down time myself.

3 thoughts on “Getaway Weekend

  1. I hope you both feel better…healing for you and recovery for Sophia.

    Your pictures are great and your children are beautiful…is that ok to say about a boy? 😉


  2. I love the picture of Steve with the Johnny Depp on the newspaper. He is so funny!! Mallory kind of reminds me of Steve with her sense of humor. She always makes us laugh!

    I'm glad you had fun and I hope Sophia feels better!

    Love you all!


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